P1 Productions offers services to automotive entertainment groups, manufacturers and individuals. Our services and products can be tailored to a wide variety of needs including direct sales of equipment for do-it-yourself installations.


For agencies and organizations that offer automotive entertainment including ride & drive events, corporate outings and driving and racing schools, P1 Productions offers onsite installation and servicing of camera equipment as well as pre/post production services that will capture all the action. Using the latest compact flash memory recording equipment, the opportunity to create an impact through viral marketing initiatives and user generated content web sites is easier than ever before.

Participants in these events no longer have to wait weeks for cumbersome videotapes that will likely be viewed once before being resigned to a box in a closet. Now, as many as 500 participants per day can go home with their branded entertainment experience ready to be viewed, uploaded to a webpage or transferred to DVD enjoyed and shared.


Just like those amazing in-car camera shots you watch from the pros on Sunday afternoon television, racers of every level and discipline can now convey the same mesmerizing excitement. From Karts, to Sports Cars to Formula Cars, P1 Productions lightweight and unobtrusive camera systems are ideal for every level of motorsports. Tough enough to race every weekend, our systems deliver unsurpassed audio/video quality, and our long history of working in motorsports means we know which installation methods won’t fail you.

In-car camera recording isn’t simply great entertainment. It’s also a great data analysis and feedback tool. Our post-production services offer the opportunity to sync laps and view them split screen, enabling you to replay and analyze every detail of your laps.



For the do-it-yourselfers who desire a fixed installation in one or across a variety of vehicles, P1 Productions offers different systems for sale. These systems come ready to install and can be integrated with most Data acquisition systems. Along with every purchase comes limited P1 Productions technical support to help you get it right and keep it running.



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